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For over 30 years we have been successfully relying on:

  • High quality and reliability
  • Experienced project teams
  • Cost-effective solutions
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About US

KSP-Engineering GmbH is a medium-sized, multidisciplinary engineering company based in Cologne Germany. Since 1990 we have been providing engineering service for companies in the chemical and power generation industry. Specialized in the field of plant layout and piping design, our engineers have many years of specialized experience familiar with local and international design standards.

KSP-Engineering has been involved in the implementation of projects in Germany, Poland, South Africa, Greece and the Netherlands. Our services comprise all projects phases from concept development studies over basic and detailed engineering to construction and commissioning support. Our project managers, specialist discipline engineers and technicians bring in their particular expertise in the areas:




For more than 30 years, KSP ENGINEERING has provided quality engineering services for our clients in the design and execution of projects in the chemical and power generation sector, meeting client expectations on time cost and quality. KSP stands for teamwork. We integrate well with client and owners team members working together effectively towards the common goal.


Basic engineering

The foundation has to be right. All options identified and evaluated. The preferred concept selected to proceed.

We follow the established FEL project development process taking into account business objectives and governing laws and regulations as well as the applicable standards, procedures and guidelines..

Process engineering, international norms, factory standards, production requirements, start-ups and shutdowns, exceptional operating conditions, safety aspects, process control, ease of maintenance, pipeline classes, instrument and control concepts, costs estimation and much more must already be taken into account in that project phase. The most important deliverables of this phase are:

Schlüsselbereiche von KSP Services

⦁ Process flow diagrams and preliminary P&IDs
⦁ Mass and energy balance
⦁ Project execution plan
⦁ Control philosophy
⦁ Preliminary layouts
⦁ Preliminary MTOs

⦁ Instrument list
⦁ Equipment list
⦁ Piping list
⦁ Project-specific specifications and standards
⦁ Budget level cost estimate and schedule
⦁ Project schedule



Wir konzentrieren uns darauf, zuerst Ihre Geschäfts- und Projektziele zu verstehen

Wir sind der festen Überzeugung, dass wir ein flexibler, zuverlässiger und kostengünstiger Partner für Ihre Projektierungsanforderungen sind.

Unsere umfassende Branchenerfahrung und Erfolgsbilanz erfolgreich durchgeführter Projekte gibt Ihnen das Vertrauen, mit einem professionellen Partner vor Ort zusammenzuarbeiten.

Fordern Sie uns auf, mit Ihnen an unserem gemeinsamen Ziel zu arbeiten - dem Projekterfolg.

Schlüsselbereiche von KSP Services

Prozess- und Konzeptentwicklung
Detail Engineering
Projekt Softwareentwicklung
Prozess- und Anlagensicherheit


Detail Engineering

In detail engineering, all documents deliverables that were created in basic engineering are further developed to a higher level of detail and accuracy.

The CAD processing of drawings can be done through client preferred software such as Auto CAD or MicroStation.

Object-oriented software tools such as IBS ProCon are applied for document management, transfer and filing.

In addition, “Smart Plant PID” is utilized to create intelligent P&IDs linked to engineering data bases and data sheet generation tools.

Key deliverables of that engineering phase are:

⦁ Final P&IDs
⦁ HAZOP study conducted and actions closed
⦁ Project execution plan finalized
⦁ Construction methodology confirmed
⦁ Detailed layout drawings for CSA mechanical and piping
⦁ Piping isometrics
⦁ Equipment and instrument data sheets

⦁ Instrument index finalized
⦁ Functional description
⦁ Equipment, piping and valve list finalized
⦁ MCC layout and load list finalized
⦁ Cable schedule
⦁ MTOs finalized as the basis for a definitive cost estimate preparation
⦁ Definitive cost estimate level +/-10%
⦁ Detailed implementation schedule


Hand Over Documentation

Project handover documentation includes:

⦁ As built status drawings
⦁ Record of equipment design documentation
⦁ Operating and maintenance manuals from vendors
⦁ Standard operating procedures (SOPs)
⦁ Training manuals
⦁ HAZOP reports
⦁ Spare part lists

The digital as-built documentation package replaces the classic handover manual - which was often out of date and not maintained to reflect the exact installation status.

As built data can easily be revised and kept up to date with our specific programs after the plant went into operation.


Plant Security

The focus of plant safety is avoiding harmful effects in process plants, on people, the environment and property.

At the same time, it is an essential pre-condition to achieve production targets in terms of quality, time and product output. Plant safety is incorporated in the process concept and accompanied by supporting technical and organizational measures.

It is an individual and tailored process for each project application.

Impacting regulations to be considered amongst others are:

⦁ Federal Emission Control Act,
⦁ Water Management Act,
⦁ Waste Act
⦁ Environmental Impact Assessment
⦁ Environmental Liability Act,
⦁ Chemicals Act
⦁ Industrial Safety Ordinance
⦁ Accident Prevention Regulations,
⦁ Pressure Vessel Ordinance, etc.

Plant safety is created by considering and responding to the following factors:

⦁ Suitable, integrated safety technology
⦁ Careful interpretation of the interfaces between material and technology
⦁ A continuous safety assessment of systems
⦁ Suitable organization and leadership
⦁ Careful selection and ongoing qualification of employees
⦁ Consideration of the interaction of the system with the surroundings and the environment
⦁ Compliance with laws, regulations and guidelines.



Customised and “Fit for Purpose” project software is an essential element for project success.

Knowing this from comprehensive project experience, KSP have developed IBS ProCon.

With this product you are able to document produced deliverables throughout the various project phases and later after project handover and start up of operation all maintenance related documents including plant changes and modifications. Based on the existing equipment classification system, all relevant system data are logically consistently recorded and linked in IBS ProCon.

KSP will set up the program structure, train client personnel and offers ongoing maintenance support.

KSP has used IBS ProCon documentation management system successfully since 1995 for all major projects and clients.

With the modular principle of IBS ProCon, KSP offers a standard basic version which can be extended and tailored according to the specific needs and requirements of a client or project.

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